Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Emerson Climate Technologies offers to help supply chain move to lower-GWP refrigerants

Compressor giant Emerson Climate Technologies has announced that it is willing to devote more resources to hasten adoption of new refrigerants in wake of F-Gas and expected US EPA rules

Compressor giant Emerson Climate Technologies has responded to the focus on reducing GWP in the F-Gas regulations and US EPA proposals by promising more investment in qualifying low-GWP alternatives. The firm said with restrictions expected on R404A, R507A and R134a in the US to follow those in Europe, it was prepared to support its customers in promoting replacements.
Rajan Rajendran, vice president, systems innovation center and sustainability for Emerson Climate Technologies said:. “Emerson has a long-standing commitment of proactively investing in and evaluating sustainable alternatives for commercial refrigeration, specifically for components and controls with environmentally friendly refrigerant capability. Emerson has invested in a full line-up of R407A/C/F compressors for commercial refrigeration applications and CO2, propane and ammonia offerings for appropriate applications, depending on regulation and performance.”
In addition, Emerson said it is ‘prepared to support customers and devote more resources to qualifying lower GWP A1 refrigerant alternatives such as R448A, R449A, R-450A and R513A. Customers interested in field or lab testing alternatives [having GWPs of 600-1500] should contact Emerson or their refrigerant manufacturer now.”
The firm added that ‘production release of ‘a wide range of scroll and semi-hermetic compressors for these alternatives is expected later this year.’
“To help our customers lessen the resource constraints and costs associated with a shift of this magnitude, we have been working to develop products and equipment that will not only comply with this delisting proposal, but also those in the foreseeable future,” said Rajendran.
Emerson has also developed a number of resources, including online webinars and design expertise, to help those in the commercial refrigeration industry understand the implications of these rules as well as long-term options. Please contact your local Emerson representative to understand more about our resources, refrigerant evaluations and pending low-GWP qualified product releases.

Toshiba extends AC Digital Inverter series

Toshiba Air Conditioning, a division of Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd, has extended its Digital Inverter 4 range with the introduction of two new outdoor units and seven new indoor models.

The units, delivering 1hp (2.5kW) and 1.5hp (3.6kW), complete Toshiba’s light commercial line-up, which now ranges from 1hp through to 10hp and offers models across the spectrum in this important sector.
Boasting exceptional efficiency and fully compliant with the ErP Directive (Lot10) threshold for 2015, the new models have a sector-leading operating range, delivering cooling from -15 up to 46deg C and can provide heating in ambient conditions as low as -15deg C, eclipsing industry rivals by a significant margin.
The company says efficiency is assisted by the use of a power-save function, which enables the user to set the degree of performance covered, between 50 and 100per cent, in one per cent increments.
The new models allow small capacity systems to be fully integrated with VRF systems and BMS controls via a RBC-PCNT30TLE interface (not required on wall mounted systems). The new units are compatible will the full and extensive range of light commercial and commercial control options.
Outdoor condensing units can be connected to four types of indoor unit: compact four-way cassette, slim duct unit, hi-wall, and ceiling-suspended unit. The most efficient combinations can produce a SEER figure of as high as 6.1 and are rated at A++ for energy performance.
The indoor units can also be connected to existing larger outdoor units to provide twin, triple and quad split systems ensuring a solution for all applications.